Our Athletes

Meet Sydney Phillips

Syd is one of Niagara's very own CPA bikini competitors with two shows under her belt from the 2023 season. Syd first competed in the Alphalete's Summer Shredding as a bikini competitor. Just 8 weeks later she stepped on stage again at the President's Cup Natural Show where she took home first place in true novice, novice, open Class A and second place in the overall.

From the moment we saw her step on stage at the President's Cup we knew we wanted her to be apart of our team. Her natural stage presence and dedication to the sport give her all the potential to be a future pro and we are truly excited to watch her grow and evolve.

Check her out: @sydphillipsfit

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Meet Sierre Cull

Say hello to Sierre Cull, wellness competitor from Langley, British Columbia.

The gym may have started out as just a hobby but quickly turned into a blessing, getting in the way of a very dark and dangerous path Sierre was headed down.

When she first discovered competitive bodybuilding she knew she had found her purpose and it continues to be her savior to this day.

Sierre has competed in two shows, one regional and one national. As she is still new to the sport, she understands that there is no timeline for her success, however, she is aiming to go pro in her next season on stage.

She loves the toughness and grittiness that is required to make it to the next level. Sierre has fully bought into the process and is determined to prove she has what it takes to make the jump from the amateur level to the pro level.

Check her out: @sierresfit_

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Meet Marianna Sergiannidis

Marianna was born in Vancouver, raised in Delta and Langley British Columbia. She is a natural competitor in the wellness category and will be competing at the 2024 Alberta Naturals.

Marianna believes that bodybuilding is much more than your physique. She has spent a lot of time defying what bodybuilding is to her. She believes that it is a combination of determination, self love, self worth, drive, making yourself proud, the list goes on. She is a firm believer in self worth and self love. She is grateful to wake up every single day and pursue her dream surrounded by amazing individuals supporting her on her journey.

In here free time she enjoys going on like hikes with her dog, spending time outside, and spending time with her loved ones and other likeminded individuals.

Check her out: @mariannasergiannidis

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Meet Sara Bergeron

Sara is a powerhouse in the world of natural bodybuilding. Coming from Toronto, Ontario, she competed in her very first natural bodybuilding competition in May 2024, where she earned the title of Overall Bikini Champion. With this impressive debut under her belt, Sara is set to step back on stage in November 2024 at the prestigious Ben Weider Natural Pro Qualifier, determined to build upon her early success.

Aside from her accomplishments on the stage, Sara holds a master's degree in communication, is a dancer/choreographer, and a highly sought-after online coach and sports nutrition specialist. Her true passion lies in helping women feel empowered and confident through the transformative power of training and proper nutrition. Sara finds immense joy in guiding her clients towards becoming the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Sara's diverse interest extend far beyond the realm of bodybuilding. An avid traveler, she has backpacked through an impressive 34 countries and counting, fueling her instiable thirst for adventure and exploration. Much like her love for travel, Sara's dedication to the sport of bodybuilding stems from her innate desire to constantly push the boundaries of her own capabilities and live life outside of her comfort zone.

Check her out: @hello.sara

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Meet Kody Milanese

Kody is a classic physique competitor from Vancouver Island, B.C. His spends his days pursuing his career as a Journeyman Ironworker with Ironworkers Local 97.

His first show was in 2017, in men’s physique. After some years away from competing, he met his wife who rekindled the spark inside of him to step back on stage. In 2021, he moved to classic physique, and won his class at the Vancity showdown. Then, the following year, he won his first overall title and Best Poser Award at the Vancouver Fall Classic in 2022.

After taking a long off season to improve and needing to requalify for nationals, he won his 2nd overall title and Best Poser Award at Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic in March 2024. Now he’s in prep for VanPro in July 2024 for his first time stepping on the national stage. 

To Kody, bodybuilding is more than just training, or just the gym. It completely turned his life around. He is a dedicated athlete who works long hours in the field but always makes the time to prioritize the gym as well. His coach and best friend, Brandon Chan, has been a huge influence on him, continuing to push him to be better everyday. In his free time he loves to fish and spend quality time with his wife Noriko.

Check him out: @kodymilanese

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Meet Colton Spencer

Who doesn't love a hometown boy representing his hometown university as a varsity track athlete.

Colton is hybrid athlete who focuses on both strength and mobility training to stay ready for his track meets. 60 meter hurdles is where his true passion RUNs.

Colton finished 5th in Canada last year in 60 meter hurdles. In 2024. he is aiming for a 1st place finish & a gold medal placed around his neck. Looking further, Colton is working towards earning his spot at the 2028 Olympics.

Oh and did we forget to mention he is also pursing his Kinesiology degree... a true student athlete.

Check him out: @colton_spencer_

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Meet Vittorio Giannico

Vitto has transitioned from a men's physique competitor into a classic physique competitor in just a short period of time and it's easy to see why. At 5'11", 240lbs he is an absolute beast.

We had the opportunity to watch Vitto step on stage at the Niagara Falls Classic Show in October of 2023 and from that moment we knew we wanted him to be apart of the Rebellious family. He is humble, hungry, and committed to body building for the long haul. We are extremely excited to see what the future has in store for him and we look forward to supporting him every step of the way.

Check him out: @classicvitto

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Meet Justin Cowan

Justin truly brings it all. Husband, father of two, bodybuilder and coach. After battling and overcoming c-ptsd and addiction, Justin fell in love with the world of bodybuilding and has never looked back. It has become an outlet for him. His discipline and ambition makes him destined to be a pro one day.

In October of 2023, Justin competed in the Niagara Falls Classic where he won true novice, novice, open class C and the overall as a men's physique competitor. A moment he would describe as a "dream come true". This is and was only just the beginning for him. Justin has plans to become a master Olympian as he enters into his 40's and we are super excited to be able to support him on his journey to achieving this.

Check him out: @jacked.justin

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Meet Brandon Chan

Brandon is from Vancouver, British Columbia and is an up and rising coach in Canada. He started his career as a personal trainer in 2012 and became predominantly an online prep coach in 2020. Since then he has guided many first time athletes to class wins and overall titles. Last year he brought home his first pro card as a coach. 

Coaching is his passion but competing is his nature. He loves being up on stage competing against the best. He has taken A class in every regional show hes competed in and won the Overall in 2020 at the vancity showdown. He has done 3 National shows (Van Pro 2022 and North Americans 2021 and 2022) and will be stepping back on the National stage at the 2024 Toronto Pro. The goal is to earn his pro card and continue to lead by example. 

Brandon sees coaching and competing as his art form and wouldn’t trade this for any other career. 

Brandon is also a father to an energetic 5 year old named Jaden. The goal moving from in person training to online coaching was to free up time so that he would never have to miss any events his son would be doing. His son is his ‘why’.

Check him out: @the_brandonchan

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